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Congratulations!!! to all SPM/STPM/ 'A' Levels/Matriculation/SAM/CPU/Foundation
Sc and Other Pre-U qualifications students
who have successfully completed their
Secondary education. Applications for the new Intake are now open. Apply  now
and reserve your seats.

Come with hope and return with success!!!



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Pedoaman Kemas is truly as their company name. A guide to medical studies. We were lost after my daughter's application

 to UPU to study dentistry was rejected and offered to study Computer Science in Sarawak..Thank you because of your guidance my daughter is a Dentist today. - Wong  


"I would like to thank Pedoman Kemas for the personal attention not only given to my daughter but to each and every student in helping them during their studies in Indonesia. There are so many formalities which the students have to fulfill while studying in Indonesia and Pedoman Kemas handle them very professionally. Thank you" - Poobalan.

ot easy to send your only son to pursue his education overseas. Though Indonesia is not far away, having checking out all the placement agents, we find Pedoman Kemas the most caring and only one who provides after service to look out of the welfare of my son. My son is comfortable and we are happy.

- Mohd

I am a qualified Doctor and when I was seeking a suitable University for my son to Study Medicine, I met Mr. Ravi whom gave me a full briefying which covered A-Z what to expect. I was very impressed and placed him through Pedoman Kemas.My testimonial is that since then I have sent my other son and also my daughter through them. - Dr. Kang

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